Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

DeliveryApparently our UPS delivery guy cannot read. He has posted three notices to different residents that he “tried” to deliver their packages. He failed to read the message that asks all parcel carriers to bring all such packages to the management office.

If this was a Tweet I’d hashtag it #DumbAss.

3 responses to “Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

  1. UPS sucks, plain and simple. I’ve had packages delayed because a driver didn’t feel right about putting a package at my doorstep which is on a porch.

    If I have to get something shipped to me I avoid UPS like the plague.


  2. In defense of UPS drivers I don’t believe they’re allowed to just deliver to a different address without either the recipient or sender directly asking UPS to do that. A sign on the door isn’t enough.


    • That may be true, but the management office is in the building complex. The only time UPS leaves these messages is if they arrive after business hours when the office is closed.



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