What percentage of Americans have ever…

Even though I read this article last week, I figured it would be fitting to post it following my weekly “Temptation Tuesday”.  Last week Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website shared results of what percentage of the population masturbate.

This topic could conceivably cross the line for my pg-13 rated blog, but I figured I’d write about it because I find it strange that this remains a taboo topic considering the data.  I can understand the discomfort one might have if I were a parent talking my child, but this remains a taboo subject for many in society; especially women. nate silver, fivethirtyeight.comI’m not looking for any confessions; how you spend your time is your business. Rather I’m just pointing out the irony of American culture and how strange our views towards sex and sexual pleasure remain even in 2014.



3 responses to “What percentage of Americans have ever…

  1. I’m actually surprised its not 100% for both sexes since the question is asking whether one has EVER masturbated. I think there may be a few liars in the sampling. 😉


  2. I may be doing it right now.


  3. that’s why we have thumbs



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