Mr. Teddy opens at Club Cafe

Mr Teddy Play

Source: Smartguy Productions Inc.

Mr. Teddy is a full length play produced by a new LGBTQ theater company in Boston called Smartguy Productions Inc.  Sergio and I are going to attend Friday’s show at Club Cafe, but tonight is opening night.  Mr. Teddy will run through June 13th at Club Cafe. Tickets are available for shows on June 5, 6, 7, 12, 13 at 8PM and June 15 matinee show at 3PM.

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About Mr. Teddy: Alec, Mark and Teddy found true love two years ago when Alec brought Teddy home for a three way and Teddy never left.  Like everyone, Teddy comes with some baggage, namely a Teddy Bear and a desire to call Marc and Alec his “Daddies”.  All is bliss until Alec’s friend, Allison, insists that Teddy is suffering delayed development and he must be pushed to grow up and leave his Daddies behind if he is ever to find true happiness.  Patrick, a friend of all three men, finally sees his chance to steal Teddy away for himself. The resulting confrontations have explosive consequences for everyone involved.

2 responses to “Mr. Teddy opens at Club Cafe

  1. Great opening night. The theme is refreshingly new, and the cast did a great job of executing the witty material. Well done, Playwright George Smart!


  2. Enjoy the show! Peter and I went to opening night on Thursday. It was a really well done production, taking a look at what makes people happy and the consequences you face when you try to conform to other people’s wishes. Great ensemble on stage!



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