Cambridge could ban Uber and Lyft at hearing tonight

car serviceYesterday the Boston Business Journal reported that Cambridge is considering regulations that would crack-down and essentially shutdown car services like Uber and Lyft.

According to a draft version of the rules and a blog post on Uber’s site, the regulations would set a $50 minimum price for any non-taxi car ride regardless of time or distance; prohibit a customer from requesting a ride on-demand from anyone other than a taxi; and forbid any technological device from being part of a fare calculation during a ride.

6:00 PM Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Location:  Lombardi Building at 831 Massachusetts Ave
Basement Level Conference Room

The License Commission General Hearing is TONIGHT.  If you are opposed to this you  better speak up. The best way to be heard is to show up at the hearing tonight. You can also call the number below and or use the following hashtag #CambridgeNeedsUber and let the Mayor of Cambridge hear you:  Mayor of Cambridge @MayorDavidMaher

Mayor of Cambridge: 617-349-4321

City Council: 617-349-4280

Chris O’Neil:  617-349-6145


5 responses to “Cambridge could ban Uber and Lyft at hearing tonight

  1. Any skeptic of Lyft should try the service first for FREE

    1. Download the Lyft app
    2. Enter code LOSANGELES (works nationwide)
    3. Request and enjoy your FREE ride
    4. Repeat on another phone to get home


  2. I like the idea of the services but Uber specifically I just don’t care for, especially after I’ve heard of the shady tactics they’ve used against competitors:


  3. There is a reason Uber and other ride share services have become so popular…it is offering a superior product to standard taxis. In my experience, I have never NOT had a friendly and safe Uber/Lyft/Sidecar driver, and generally it is less expensive than a taxi, and you get an ETA/fare prediction. Taxis in this city are the worst drivers I’ve ever encountered, both in and out of the cab, and they are expensive! I once had a taxi driver that was texting and looking down his entire trip from Logan…I almost stopped him and got out, he was so unsafe.


  4. Great news!! Make them register the vehicles and be a real livery service with insurance protection and all!!!!!!


    • I disagree and think that consumers have spoken loud and clear that they want these services to remain. It is not quite so easy to remove services from the public once they’ve become as popular as these car sharing services.



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