Opus Affair at Bastille Kitchen – Mon. Nov. 24 6-9PM

Opus AffairOpus Affair is hosting their monthly cocktail social at Bastille Kitchen on Melcher Street in Fort Point Channel. This month’s Punch Bowl Fund will raise money for one of these three arts charities: Boston Opera Collaborative, Arts Connect International, and Shelter Music Boston.

RSVP – No Cost (and lots of fun) – Bastille Kitchen 6-9PM

What is Opus Affair’s Punch Bowl Fund? Think of it as a charitable drinking game where you are invited to contribute $5 (cash) to the fund. In return you recieve a drink ticket for a glass of punch and a ballot to vote for one of the three featured arts organizations. At the end of the night, the organization with the most votes will collect the total amount raised that night.

Who is Opus Affair?  They are a community of artists and friends who love the arts who get together for cocktails and to chat about the arts scene.  If you’ve never been to one of their socials stop by and check them out.


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