Holiday gift tip: Nothing is more appreciated than time together

holiday gift, presentAre you trying to figure out what to get someone special during the holidays? There is no such thing as the perfect sweater so skip the mall and focus on things you can do with that person; memories last longer and will likely be more appreciated. Below I’ve included a few tips / suggestions and I’d like to encourage you to share more ideas.

Make A Date:  Pick a date in the calendar and plan everything to the last detail including when you will go out, where you will be going and what you will be doing. Tailor it to your friend / significant other’s preferences – not yours.  If you need some suggestions here in Boston – I’m happy to be of help.

Time For Pampering:  Most people I know enjoy some form of pampering. This can include a manicure & pedicure, spa services, and / or some form of grooming.  Better yet, do it together (see the make a date suggestion above) and make it a shared experience. One of my favorite gifts in recent memory was from my parents who gave Sergio and me gift card for a dual massage at a local spa.

Take A Class: Most cities and towns (the Boston area especially) have so many options for taking either a series of classes or a one-day program that include everything from wine tasting to how to make chocolate truffles like I learned at the Boston Chocolate Workshop this past January.

Do you have any ideas to share with my readers?  I’d love to hear from you.


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