Modern airplane seating chart

Airplane Seating ChartAs I get ready to fly out to CA I couldn’t help but wonder exactly where I might be seated in my flight.  My money is on the “Where is your God now” Economy seat most likely directly by the “Child kicking or banging on your headrest”.

3 responses to “Modern airplane seating chart

  1. Rick Bettencourt

    Was in the “poop” section on my last flight. Not fun!


  2. You mean to say you have gone to the dark side–the S/M of air travel–Economy. And 7 hrs to LA. You are a masochist. Use some of those Brazil miles for an upgrade or pay the small difference to premium. jet blue has new biz class as does american. bon voyage!


  3. Brilliant – one of the reasons I like to take Amtrak and when I do have to fly I build business or first class my fees.



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