Dinner Lab pop up dinner in Boston, Oct 3

Chef Tan UckanSaturday, October 3rd Dinner Lab partners with Bombay Sapphire gin to host a pop-up restaurant for foodies in Boston.  Dinner Lab is a members-only supper club that operates in 25+ cities around the US that connects adventurous diners with rising star chefs for an unique dining experience.

The forthcoming dinner in Boston will also showcase creative cocktails with two specialty pre-dinner drinks that Chef Uckan will have designed personally to whet your appetite.  To attend you must become a member (membership fee is $175). I have no affiliation with Dinner Lab and have not attended an event previously, but if you have attended or do end up going, please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment in this post.


Yogurt soup | pulled lamb shoulder | spicy kale root |fresh herbs

Fresh herb & bulgur salad | roasted & spiced pepper |pomegranate seed | molasses glaze

Crispy eggplant | oven roasted vegetable ragout |tomato sauce | crème fraîche

Oglak Kebabi
Roasted goat | charred eggplant | pickled red cabbage| pea pureé & poppy seed

Dondurmali Irmik Helvasi
Semolina halva | vanilla ice cream | walnut & pistachio stuffed fig


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