Lyric Stage Co. presents: Murder for Two

Boston Theater, BosArtsWhile all that Black Friday nonsense takes place later this week following Thanksgiving, The Lyric Stage Co. of Boston will open with a funny murder, mystery  musical called Murder for Two.

Murder for Two
November 25 – December 24, 2016
Click here for more information and to purchase tickets today

In this showone actor plays the detective and one actor plays all the suspects and they both play the piano.  Described as a witty, winking homage to old-fashioned closed-room murder mysteries the show sounds like a welcome addition to the shows currently playing over the holiday season.

Kirsten Salpini, Jared TroiloThe show also happens to star a local stage actor whom I have a bit of a crush on, Jared Troilo, as well as the equally talented Kirsten Salpini. If my appeals to check out this show on the grounds that this is an interesting and funny production don’t appeal to you then maybe the opportunity to watch Jared for approximately 90-minutes will.  Unfortunately, Sergio and I will miss opening weekend since we are in Brazil, but share your thoughts about the production in the comments section below for my readers to see should you go to the show.

2 responses to “Lyric Stage Co. presents: Murder for Two

  1. You should be receiving perks and payments for the great service you provide!

    The city of Boston is lucky to have you trumpeting the great things going on around you



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