Bonus fur

hairy chest, chest hairI love this photo sent to me by a reader of this blog. Locals will recognize the photo was taken at a summer tea dance at The Boatslip. I hope the post help keeps you warm now that summer (and the Boatslip tea dances) are over.

7 responses to “Bonus fur

  1. There are a few more pictures of that guy (with face) on this Flickr account:


  2. Wow! That is one awesome chest! Thanks for sharing this photo on here and if you can provide more info on who this belongs to, please share. I promise I won’t internet “stalk” him. 😉


  3. Mmmm, this guy is right up my alley!


  4. If you’re grabbing these from people’s Instagram accounts, can you please link to them? I want to see more…


    • Will do. This one was emailed to me by a reader. Unsure if it is on an IG account, but based on what you’ve asked I think you will like a new weekly post I will be starting in January. 🙂


  5. My dear BosGuy, I have noticed, since you first launched your “Furry Friday” Series of posts, that the men who you feature in your “Bonus Fur” posts, I find sexier and more delicious-looking than your “Furry Friday” posts.

    Now, please understand, the men in both the “Furry Friday” and “Bonus Fur” posts are all GORGEOUS. However, in my experience, the “Bonus Fur” men have that extra “bonus” of sexiness.

    Nonetheless, today, the men you featured on both “Fur” posts are quite evenly matched in the delicious sexiness department, although I find my self looking at today’s mister “Furry Friday” just a tad more, and that one already had a comment.



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