Original Content Required

original-content-required-poetryI really enjoy poetry even though a lot of times I don’t always appreciate or understand what I’m reading. Last year Matt from boy culture blog referenced this tumblr site which includes the work from the handsome guy shown above. Apologies, but I don’t know his name. However, a few months ago I started following him and placed his website on my blogroll in the right margin.  –>


Note that both his poetry and many of the images he has on his tumblr site are not safe for work so be careful who you share this with and where you are if you choose to visit his site.  Below is a work in progress that he shared earlier this week which I really like. I’m curious to read the finished work. poem, poetry, gay poet

2 responses to “Original Content Required

  1. Seems like an interesting blog. I’ll have to look at it later


  2. must be Irish, that boy needs some fun in the Sun



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