Scruffy Sunday

men in bed together, men cuddling

What a wonderful photo that perfectly captures how I would like everyone to be able to wake up on a Sunday morning.  For the record, I’d be the guy on the left, still dead asleep. Which one would you be?

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4 responses to “Scruffy Sunday

  1. depends on two things….last night and morning wood…haha Seriously, guy on left…no, my guy is the guy on the left…he sleeps like a corpse and wakes up like a bear…but I only say this because the guy on the left is smiling and I myself up by laughing or talking in my dreams…


  2. Glad to see a mature couple. Love isn’t only for the young. It gets better with the years!


  3. Great photo!


  4. Guy on left. Bubb is awake before me. And usually prodding me to wake up. le sigh.



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