Caption this photo

Each Wednesday morning I post a photograph and ask readers to offer a funny caption. This week’s photo has been inspired by President Trumpf. Hopefully the caption below inspires you to share a few of your own for my readers to enjoy.

Grab ’em by the what!?!

11 responses to “Caption this photo

  1. I can’t move, I think i just creamed my singlet…….but don’t stop, it feels great, but a little harder…please…….i need to shower in my singlet before the next match….but let’s stay here a little longer…..I just can’t stand up now…what do you think our coaches will say about this..oh no…there’s my mum…she has a very perplexed look on her face…….not my fault .. your on top…..oh gosh, wish this never happened….why…why…why…..the guys are all laughing at me…I need to go home now……..let me up………let me up…………


  2. the separation of purse and taint


  3. And that is how you check for testicular cancer


  4. “Sigh…I showed you how to check your balls already!”


  5. Now turn your head and cough.


  6. cough damn it


  7. Will you still love me in the morning?


  8. Basketball?


  9. Ok you win but don’t stop…..


  10. what is THIS thing called, luv?


  11. Those tops just get so aggressive!



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