Boston theater: Attend one or more of these plays

theaterOver the next two weeks four local theater companies have new productions.  If you are looking for a fun date night or an evening out with friends, consider supporting Boston’s local theater scene and purchase tickets to one or more of these shows (tickets are currently on sale for all of these productions).

bosarts, boston theaterLater this week Lyric Stage Co. opens with their production of Stage Kiss a funny play that asks what happens when life imitates art. In this show, two former lovers are cast to play two long lost lovers. The actors quickly lose touch with reality as their stage and real life blurs. What could possibly happen?

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bosarts, boston theaterCentral Square Theater opens with Precious Little on Thursday, March 2, 2017. A research linguist, Brodie, receives genetic testing results: her unborn child may never be able to learn a language. Three actresses play multiple roles in Madeleine George’s irreverent exploration of one of our most fundamental questions: when does too much knowledge get in the way of our basic instincts?

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bosarts, boston theaterOn Friday, March 3, 2017, The SpeakEasy Stage Co. opens with Grand Concourse. A drama that explores the mysteries of faith, forgiveness and compassion. As the main character looks to find greater meaning in her life.

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bosarts, boston theaterThe second week of March the Huntington Theater opens with Top Dog / Underdog. Directed by Tony Award winner, Billy Porter, the play focuses on two brothers who are best friends and bitter rivals in this darkly comic, deeply theatrical fable about family wounds and healing bonds.

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