Caption this photo

sports humor

Each Wednesday morning I post a photograph and ask readers to offer a funny caption.  Hopefully the caption below inspires you to share a few of your own.

Grin and bear it

7 responses to “Caption this photo

  1. My presenility has hubs grabbing my ass whenever I ask for help in locating something I’ve misplaced. Despite being fourteen years older, I think I’d remember putting my keys up my butt and after thirty years, he’d know that. Still, the reactions we get are priceless and embarrassing.


  2. After Comey was fired Democrats upped their efforts to find evidence of Russian interference in the election…

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  3. And the Powerball number is….

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  4. Next time remind me to strap it on first!

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  5. Man, you got the coldest hands ever.

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  6. more lube MORE LUBE

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    I could’ve sworn I left my watch in here.

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