Kiki Beach summer kick off at M Street Beach

gay Boston, SouthieThis is just a reminder to everyone that will be in Boston this weekend that Kiki Beach is back and will be hosting their first take over of the M Street Beach in Southie on Saturday, June 17th, starting at Noonish Due to weather (again) Kiki Beach has moved to Sunday, June 18th starting at 11ish.

I thought I would share the instructions from the Facebook page for anyone who may be new and never attended kiki beach last year.

How does one get to Kiki Beach?
1. Tap your ride sharing app three times & head to M Street Beach
2. The kiki lies just beyond the Community Center, first bus shelter to the right
3. When you see inseams less than 5 inches & legs for days – you have arrived!

For more information, check out the event page: Kiki Beach at M Street

2 responses to “Kiki Beach summer kick off at M Street Beach

  1. As someone who is a younger professional, recently moved to Boston, and hopelessly single (AND has no facebook) your posts have been incredibly helpful in making me know the social events for the community here so I can open myself up to new friends.

    I didn’t even know this part of Boston was even part of Boston let alone has a beach.

    Thanks so much for posting regularly Bosguy!

    -your 20-something year old fan


    • You made my day Mr. 20-Something. Boston can be a tough town to meet people. I would suggest you also give The Welcoming Committee a look since they are a purely social LGBTQ group here in Boston.



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