Men in kilts

Is it still a kilt if it has belt loops? I figured I’d risk it since I can’t seem to stop looking at his stomach and wondering if he knows what ice cream tastes like.

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4 responses to “Men in kilts

  1. He may or may not know what ice cream tastes like, but what he’s wearing looks like something a woman would wear. Whatever these are, they have very fluffy legs and a zipper fly. They sure don’t look like a traditional kilt


  2. Looks more like a skort to me. Kilts don’t have flies, do they?


  3. Looks like he dresses right with his khaki spporan.


  4. It seems if a man wears a skirt it becomes a kilt 🙂 Tomato, tomahto, who cares if the dude is this gorgeous!



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