Furry Friday

handsome, hairy, hunkI had a request come in recently asking me to post photos of “Men”. I think what they meant was guys who might actually remember the 1970s and 1980s. Growing older definitely has some drawbacks but this guy makes it look easy.

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5 responses to “Furry Friday

  1. Oh BG.

    Oh my.

    Oh my word.

    Wow it is hot.

    I’m schvitzing.

    But I have the AC one.

    How am I so fatutsed????


  2. What these guys said. At 70, I find guys under 30 cute, but almost never sexy. Even my neighbor’s kid, an Adonis, recognizes this. He comes over when we grill and throws in frozen patties. He told his Dad not to worry, I was, “into old guys like him”!


  3. Yea, but when you’re 69 “chicken” is under 50 !


  4. Well, BosGuy, I think it is safe to say this guy looks like a man.

    And yes, I AM thinking about THE Alex Borstein’s portrayal of Ms. Swan, “He looka lika man!”

    Yes, indeed-y, this man looka lika man!

    As for growing older, frankly, no one could pay me enough money to go back to being sixteen, or any other teen age, for that matter. The same for going back to my twenties. You could offer me the Federal Mint AND Forth Knox, I would decline BOTH!


  5. Yummy! At last someone I can salivate over without feeling like a perverted, latent child molester! Thank you !



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