This week on Instagram: pasiglobetrotter

friend, instagramBoston attracts a much larger international population than most American cities of similar size, because of all our universities (just Boston has 35 colleges and universities and more than 50 in Greater Boston). Each September tens of thousands of students move to Boston (temporarily) while they pursue whatever academic ambitions they may have.

It is precisely in that context that I met Pasi about seven years ago. Originally from Finland, I still laugh when I think about him tapping crazy looking texts in his native Finnish all while dancing his butt off in the back room of Club Cafe. Unfortunately, after graduate school Pasi moved back to Europe, but I still follow him on all his travels (this guy gets around). If you like tall handsome Finnish men who are filled with wanderlust then you should check out his IG account.

Follow him on Instagram here,

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2 responses to “This week on Instagram: pasiglobetrotter

  1. You do know that this Instagram account is private, right?

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