Gay hipster coffee shop: Teatotaller (in rural NH)

somersworth NH hipster coffee shopBack in June, a coffee house / tea house in Somersworth, NH (a town of ~11,000 residents sandwiched between Portsmouth and Rochester, NH) raised some eyebrows with their roadside billboard (shown below).  The billboard ended up creating quite a bit of controversy in stodgy NH but it also gained a fair bit of praise and was noted on social media by yours truly and many others.

While I’ve yet to visit, the next time Sergio and I drive up to visit my parents on Lake Winnipesaukee we are definitely going to make a detour to check out this self proclaimed “oasis of queer, hipster coffee, tea and pastry goodness”.  I grew up in NH and could have never imagined such a cafe – let alone a provocative, gender-bending billboard. If you are saddened by the current political climate and divisiveness, look to this group of feisty entrepreneurs for inspiration because a little bit of fierce can go a long way.

queer, hipster cafe

Should you find yourself in the area and want to check out this colorful cafe they are open six days a week (every day except for Tuesday) at 69 High Street in Somersworth, NH or online at

One response to “Gay hipster coffee shop: Teatotaller (in rural NH)

  1. Well, other than Martha’s in Nashua, and the liquor shoppes Icouldn’t find another place to stop in NH on the way to Canada or Portland until now



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