Thank Larry Kessler at The HistoryMakers Awards at Club Cafe on Wednesday

Larry Kessler to be honored at The HistoryMakers Awards on Wednesday at Club Cafe

In 1995 – the same year that the combination treatment known as the “AIDS cocktail” became available to people with HIV/AIDS. The Action Committee  (AAC) produced a video highlighting the organization’s work, entitled A Community Responds. It depicts the first 15 very scary years of the epidemic and features Larry Kessler, then AIDS Action Committee’s executive director.

I had the pleasure of working for Larry Kessler, joining AIDS Action in 2002 just as he was stepping down as the founding executive director of AAC. Kessler’s work both directly and indirectly has saved tens of thousands of lives through his grass roots prevention and education efforts. He has also been the face of compassion for many left on their deathbed in the early days of the AIDS epidemic; forsaken by their friends and family and left to die alone – were it not for Larry Kessler. I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it to Club Cafe to see Kessler at the 2017 Heromakers Award Wednesday from 6-9PM.

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