Temptation Tuesday

handsome, hunk, man in bed, muscle young man, studCan you follow the math equation below? I suppose if math class was more like this, I probably would have been far better at this subject.

Handsome + Muscular + Young = Temptation Tuesday.

Past Temptation Tuesday Posts

6 responses to “Temptation Tuesday

  1. too bad most of the tesday men look like they spent half of their tme in the gym and half of their tme in a bat of depilatory


  2. From the waist up, he is pure perfection. I’ll hold off the rest of my judgment until I can see the rest of him. Never mind, I have an excellent imagination πŸ˜‰


  3. “I love you, your BICEPS and your PECS!!!”


  4. OMG he’s stunning!!


  5. “I love you, a bushel and your pecs!”


  6. I think I need a tutor πŸ˜›



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