NewRep Theatre presents Lonely Planet

bosarts, boston theater

NewRep Theatre: Photo by Andrew Brilliant / Brilliant Pictures

The NewRep Theater located in Watertown currently has a show getting a lot of attention called, Lonely Planet, which tells the story of two friends during the height of the AIDS epidemic in America. The play has been revived as part of the NewRep’s 2017-2018 season, which is focused on the theme of resilience.

While AIDS is no longer a death sentence the stigma remains and the virus continues to impact gay men and communities of color disproportionately. Lonely Planet asks the audience to look beyond the virus, that has killed more than 35 million people, and focus on community and compassion. The two-hour play  centered on the friendship between Carl and Jody provides an interesting and sometimes humorous contrast between the two as they struggle to make sense of a virus that is ravaging their community.

The play opened on February 3rd and runs through March 4th. Tickets remain for most shows.

For tickets and more information click here


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