Google+ bans me for posts of shirtless men

While many people have been banned from social media sites, this is a first for me and since there is little available to someone accused of violating posting standards, I figured I would use my blog to voice my disappointment.

Earlier today I received notice that my repeated ‘pornographic’ postings in my Gay Boston community had resulted in my temporary suspension of my Google+ account. The screen capture above shares my most recent posts and while you cannot see everything (a screen capture is only so big) anyone who visits this blog knows that while I might have some R-rated postings they are hardly pornographic.

I’m obviously irked with G+ and the failure of their artificial intelligence implemented to review such accusations. What is shown above is visible in magazines, television commercials and billboards and hardly pornographic or in violation of Google+ posting rules.

4 responses to “Google+ bans me for posts of shirtless men

  1. I’m having the same issue with Facebook. I’ve been banned for 30 days and get off being banned only to have another old post ban me for another 30 days.


  2. I guess your previous post (gay men camping) is not only pornographic, but it is also promoting bestiality! Just look at that poor doggy’s terrified face! Tongue is inserted firmly in cheek here. In today’s climate, it’s hard to tell 🙂


  3. Here in Brazil many gay bloggers already know that big companies that are “gay Friendly” is in true big homophobes: google, youtube, facebook. They target gay blogs and chanels as pornografic (and the man in the photos are not naked), but sites showing woman naked is not pornografic for them!



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