New York Times: Queer Love in Color

gay men of color, gay african american coupleThe New York Times published an excellent article that I wanted to share and encourage people to read entitled, Queer Love in Color

The opening of the article features a call out by Jamal Jordan a black digital director at the Times who wondered why doesn’t anyone gay look like me when he was growing up? Jordan goes on to say, “I spent most of my teenage years believing that love between two black men wasn’t even possible. To my queer white peers, an entire world of change was unfolding: Public support for same-gender marriage eventually led to its legalization nationwide, and queer people were appearing as the leads in more TV shows than I could ever watch. People even won Oscars for directing movies about gay white cowboys. But none of these people looked like me. In the decade since, the wave of change has continued. And yet: I can’t think of a single high-profile example of a loving relationship between two queer people of color.”

That is astounding and sad to realize. Despite the fact that I can think of famous men and women of color who are out (e.g. RuPaul, Billy Porter and Wanda Sykes first came to mind), I have no idea about their love lives and significant others. Contrast that with a laundry list of gay white celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka, Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi and Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black, and I’m left wondering is that because of an inherent racial bias in reporting or are gay couples of color intentionally not seeking the spotlight? I don’t know the answer and I think for the most parts whatever your opinion on the matter it is really hard to prove one way or the other so I thought I’d use the opportunity to share the article.

Queer Love in Color


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