Revisiting Uni Boston’s late night ramen menu

Boston dining, late night dining in bostonBack in 2013 my friend Zoe and I checked out Uni’s late night ramen menu. I wrote about the experience in my post Late night didning at Uni.  

At the time, Uni was a small subterranean annex in the lauded French restaurant, Clio, serving sashimi, sushi & unique Asian street food. In 2016 Ken Oringer expanded Uni after closing Clio and the late night dining moved to the main dining room. Each Friday and Saturday, starting at 10:30, you can try Uni’s version of cheap eats in the form of delicious ramen. Calling this as a  cheap eats is a bit of a misnomer at $16 for a bowl, but if you consider the location, quality and cost of dining at Uni normally this is pretty darn cheap.

Boston dining late night

Uni Boston’s late night chicken ramen bowl is large and delicious

In the five years since my last visit, the menu has remained fairly consistent. Prices have gone up about 50% but from the crowd at Uni this past Friday, it doesn’t seem to have deterred many from coming into the beautiful restaurant. The service is (as one would expect) superb, and I can’t help but love their hand written cardboard menus at this chic restaurant in the Back Bay. Check it out with friends or go there solo like I did and enjoy the fantastic people watching while slurping your slightly spicy and 100% delicious steaming bowl of ramen.

BosGuy Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Wicked Awesome.

Uni Boston
370 Commonwealth Avenue ||  (617) 536-7200


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