Reflecting on September 11, 2001

911, September 11thSeptember 11th has long been a day tinged with sadness for me due to the loss of a very close friend on September 11, 2001. In years past I’ve dedicated a post each September 11th to this friend of mine who happened to be on United Airlines Flight 175, which crashed into New York’s World Trade Center.

My friend, Graham Berkeley (shown above) remains frozen in time as a 30-something who had a devilish personality and wicked sense of humor. If he were alive today he’d be 54, but sadly that isn’t the case. In recent years I’ve used this date to think of happy memories with Graham but truthfully those are starting to slip away from me and I’m left with just a few fond memories of our summer together in Provincetown and fun evenings spent in Boston.

While life continues, I still feel for those families and friends who lost loved ones as well as those who were injured and traumatized in the wake of those attacks.

One response to “Reflecting on September 11, 2001

  1. 😦 I feel the same



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