Order your pie from Community Servings today

pie in the skyA local tradition and rather delicious fundraiser is Community Servings’ Pie in the Sky Thanksgiving bake sale, which is currently underway.

The 26th annual pie sale brings together more than 100 of Greater Boston’s most generous chefs, bakers, and caterers to bake and donate thousands of delicious pies that are sold by more than 500 volunteers each year. The proceeds generated from the sale of these delicious pies helps Community Servings fulfill their mission to make and deliver nutritious meals for the critically ill.

If you are traveling out of town this Thanksgiving or you don’t want the temptation of a delicious pie in your house, do what I do and buy a couple of pies and donate them back to Community Servings.

Online sales end Saturday, November 17th so place your order today!

Order a Thanksgiving Pie from Community Servings


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