Boxing day

boxing dayBoxing Day is always on December 26th. It is not a recognized holiday here in the U.S. but is a bank or public holiday in many of the Commonwealth Nations.

A very good friend and blogger (her blog is Life Food Wine), who is originally from Manchester, U.K. started hosting a Boxing Day Dinner party back in 2008 and nearly every year since she has played the role of gracious host serving some memorable meals for friends each Boxing Day. When she moved to Chicago earlier this year, I thought the tradition would come to an end. However,  she has been my guest this week so it appears we will be able to have at least one more celebration (at my place with Tracey playing the role of host and chef as usual). Tonight we plan to make the most of what is quite possibly the last Boxing Day dinner party by drinking more wine than we should, eating a delicious dinner and playing foolish party games late into the evening.

Happy Boxing Day


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