Dry January

French, FranceOn a whim last year, I decided to abstain from any alcohol through the month of January. I have to admit I was curious if I could make it the full 31-days without drinking anything because I basically drink water, coffee, tea and wine. There were definitely times during the month where this proved challenging but overall, I was really surprised at how easy it was for me to do it. Perhaps it was all my training as a practicing Catholic when I was younger and asked to give up something for the 40-days of Lent that made the 31-days of January seem easy or maybe it was the fact that Sergio rarely drinks. Regardless, I’ve decided to “go dry” once again this month so I apologize in advance to Brix (my favorite wine shop) for the loss in revenue.

To anyone else who may be doing the same, I wish you luck and will have a toast in your honor on Friday, February 1st.


3 responses to “Dry January

  1. I actually got through 11 days without drinking. lol.


  2. Dry wines are not so bad, esp with medium-rare steak tips or boeuf bourguignon


  3. I admire your powers of determination. I failed on day one. Which tells you a lot about mine.



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