Lyric Stage presents The Wolves

bosarts, boston theater, local theater It is opening night for the Lyric Stage Company’s first production of 2019, The Wolves, an off Broadway hit that first opened in 2016 and was a finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer for best drama. The play will run through February 3, 2019 so even if you cannot get to the show this weekend (a limited number of tickets remain available) you can still make plans to see this show.

The play centers on the experiences of a high school girls soccer team who are going through their Saturday morning pre-game warm ups. The play opens with the girls talking about a Cambodian murderer with overlapping dialogue that vacillates between individual conversations and the main topic that they all intermittently comment upon. These side conversations include period gossip, talk of boys, their coach who is hungover and speculations about the “new” girl.

Find time to make plans with friends and see this production. Not only will an evening out for dinner (or drinks) and a show be a great way to pass an evening but it will also support a local theater company that is worthy of your patronage.

The Wolves – Tickets and Show Information


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