Boston Ballet presents Full on Forsythe

boston arts, boston danceThe Boston Ballet is more than halfway through a five year relationship with  William Forsythe, a choreographer who has been compared to Balanchine and Graham. His upcoming show, which opens a week from today on Thursday, February 4th promises to entice with an unorthodox soundtrack pulled from today’s pop, dance and R&B, featuring music from Khalid to Barry White. Check out the brief clip below to give you an idea of what to expect.

Boston Ballet presents Full on Forsythe
March 7 – 17 at the Boston Opera House
Tickets and More Information Here

Past productions have left me absolutely breathless watching what always seems to me to be innovative choreography and dancing you might not expect to see at the ballet. Their latest collaboration with Forsythe is appropriately called Full on Forsythe and while Sergio and I cannot attend opening night, I’m going to try and pick up tickets before the show closes on Sunday, March 17 and I would encourage you to do exactly the same thing.


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