The Ballsy “sack pack” is Incrediball!

This week, I received some men’s care products from Ballsy, which markets themselves as a somewhat irreverent men’s personal care brand that creates high quality products for men who “like to live balls out”.  Their website which features several products dedicated to keeping men’s bits clean and fresh has inspired some very creative testimonials like this poem from Mark.

Oh Ballwash, oh Ballwash, This much it true. My sack is now silkier, My nuts nicer too. You clean my bum with you charcoal black, And funk on my junk I now do lack. My wiener is cleaner, It smells so nice, I want to keep washing, once, twice, thrice. So thank you dear Ballwash, For all that you do. I’m even sexier now… And I owe it all to you.

men's groomingI love the marketing and the products definitely leave one feeling ‘fresh’.  Their motto is “keep the funk off your junk”. Even if you don’t think the products are for you, I’d suggest checking out their website which is really pretty entertaining. You might be surprised (I was) by how many products they have available.

Ballsy can be found online at where else but,


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