Vintage gay

gay hollywood

It was Rock Hudson’s death that ultimately galvanized Hollywood and Elizabeth Taylor in particular to put a spotlight on the AIDS epidemic. I shudder to think how much longer it would’ve gone unchecked without such a famous and “masculine” person succumbing to the virus.

President Reagan’s lack of sympathy and homophobic policies hardened my heart even though I was still in the closet and made me realize, the party of Reagan could never be my party. Though it pains me to say it, I hope Reagan is still burning in hell for what he did – or to be more precise, what he didn’t do.

Above is a photo of Rock at the prime of his life with his lover, Lee Garlington.

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One response to “Vintage gay

  1. And no matter what this administration says to the contrary, it has no intention of finding a cure for AIDS. I hope Reagan’s “room in hell” has room for several more occupants!



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