A.R.T. presents Gloria: A Life

While Broadway has seen a number of shows about pop stars in recent years, I’m pleased to see The American Repertory Theater will bring a new play about Gloria Steinem to the stage called Gloria: A Life.

The show (initially proposed by Steinem’s good friend, Kathy Najimy) centers on Gloria and the women she has partnered with in a decades-long fight for equality with a dynamic ensemble of performers. I hope you’ll share this with your friends and encourage younger men and women who may not be familiar with the work Gloria Steinem has done to come to see this show.

Gloria: A Life
January 24 – March 1, 2020
Click here for more information and to buy tickets

2 responses to “A.R.T. presents Gloria: A Life

  1. Gloria is an embarrassment to women and victims of rape, assault and otherwise egotistical men who use power to get their ego boosted like Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinsky deserved better than what Gloria did to her and all women


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