Middle East in Central Square is for sale

The newspaper, Cambridge Day, reported this week that the live music venue and nightclub complex in Central Square has been put up for sale. The Middle East which first opened in the early 1960s has been a haven for local and up and coming musicians for decades. I have seen countless shows over the years at this venue and some of my favorite concerts took place at the Middle East downstairs. In recent years, gay dance nights have popped up providing the LGBTQ community with another venue following the closure of Cambridge’s only full-time gay bar, Paradise, in the fall of 2018.

The Middle East, Sonia’s (some of you may recall for many years it was TT the Bears) and neighboring Zuzu’s are intimate venues that will be missed if the venue sells and new owners decide they can get more money converting the space into something else.  At this point there really isn’t much information other than the asking price for the complex is rumored to be $40M.

You can read the full article here: Middle East nightclub complex listed for sale


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