Caption this photo

Hopefully the caption I’ve shared below inspires you to offer up a caption or two of your own. Leave a witty or funny caption as a comment for this post, and I’ll approve it for readers to enjoy.

“Rapunzel – if she lived in Kansas”

9 responses to “Caption this photo

  1. Business in the front, party in the back!


  2. Hair don’t


  3. Cut that f*****g hair you look like a old stripper


  4. Can you say extreme mullet


  5. I’ve had girls with long hair on top of me and it was never any real fun. Glad I’m into men with short hair if any at all and they sure a lot more fun


  6. “This old grey mare ain’t what she used to!” 🐎


  7. Repeat after me Eliza “They have drained the brains in the Great Plains!


  8. Oh, crap! Target? I thought I was in Walmart!



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