Men in kilts

A couple of weeks ago a reader reached  out to let me know how much he liked this weekly post and to tell  me about Svenska Kiltsällskapet The Swedish Kilt Society, which take great pride in hosting events where people can make friends and have fun together. The society promotes everyone’s right to be and dress the way they like and welcome everyone.

My sincere apologies for losing the name of the reader who reached out. I would’ve liked to say thank you for letting me know about this Swedish society. You look like a fun group.

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3 responses to “Men in kilts


    Hi BosGuy,

    I am a member of the Swedish Kilt Society. The picture below you have two local kilts made in Sweden. The kilt to the left is Tartan of Dellen and the one to the right is Tartan of Bergslagen.

    The Tartan of Dellen is the colours from the two different folk costumes up in the north of Sweden. It is three lakes which is called The Dellen lakes. The Tartan of Bergslagen is from the colours from the flag of Bergslagen. A province in the middle of Sweden. Both these tartans are approved up in Scotland to be true Tartans.

    By the way I am the guy to the left. I am married with a guy from that area so therefore I can were that tartan!

    Kind regards,




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