Fall daytrip: Check out a corn maze

Last week I published this post, Plan a New England foliage daytrip this fall. A BosGuy reader from Maine wrote, asking why I snubbed Maine, which also has beautiful fall foliage. The snub was unitentional! Maine was not listed in the USA Today Reader’s Choice poll which inspired my blog post, but I want to make that up to everyone who loves Maine by sharing this post which features Treworgy’s Corn Maze – the longest continually running corn maze in the US.

Checking out a corn maze might be more fun if you’re looking to stretch your legs a bit and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Also noted in a recent survey of best corn mazes was the Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville, VT.

If those drives are a bit longer than you would like (let’s face it they are waaaay up north), New England Foliage has recently published a list of the Best Corn Mazes in New England.

If you have any recommendations based on past visits please share in the comments section.

One response to “Fall daytrip: Check out a corn maze

  1. corn has only been digestible for humans for a few hundred years and many people think it is a vegetable but it is a grain ????



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