Temptation Tuesday (courtesy of Modus Vivendi)

Modus Vivendi GLAM MEANDER Line

I’m mixing things up by including photos of some of my favorite new bathing suits from Modus Vivendi for 2021. The press release points to how fresh and pleasing this year’s color palette is, but I find the models even more so. Bathing suit season is coming up fast so check out their website to see their entire line of 2021 Modus Vivendi swimsuits.

You can click on the images above to enlarge.

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13 responses to “Temptation Tuesday (courtesy of Modus Vivendi)

  1. What is your favourite temptation Tuesday you have put on this website?


  2. Just wondering, what posts do you do on Wednesdays and Thursdays?


    • Each Wednesday, I post a photo in the morning asking readers to share captions and in the afternoon I feature an Instagram account (I’m contemplating phasing this out). On Thursday morning is my weekly “Vintage Gay” post which is one of my most popular weekly posts. I reserve Thursday afternoons for posting content about life in Boston / Provincetown or on a topic of personal interest.


  3. I really applaud your thoughts on entertainment news, and printed out your last one just to have an easy reference close to the remote. It is hard for me to find out which channel things are playing on when I hear about them, and this will be a ‘must’ print-out every time you run it. THANKS!


  4. I don’t really look at the swimsuits, I generally like looking at the models. They are much hotter.


  5. A few weeks ago you were thinking about something to replace ‘Saturday Morning Comics’, I was wondering if there could be something like ‘worldwide LGBTQ news’ if you are getting rid of Saturday Comics?
    Or something like it on a different day?


    • I am going to phase in a new post that focuses on gay-programming. The majority of those polled (about 90%) indicated entertainment news was of interest but since there are so many sites that do that (and better than I could) I opted to start sharing on a monthly basis programming for gay men.

      I have started working with Dekkoo and would like to talk to Logo and Here TV but have not had any luck connecting with those latter two organizations.

      With regards to worldwide LGBTQ news, that is something to consider. Thanks for sharing as a suggestion.


  6. So hot!



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