Men in kilts

Not really sure what is going on here but is anyone else distracted by the weird tan lines on the legs of the guy in shorts? I’m sure that wasn’t what the photographer was thinking I’d fixate on but it is probably just me.

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7 responses to “Men in kilts

  1. The tan lines look like they’re from standing in a tanning booth….


  2. Love the tan lines too. Something ‘revealing’ about seeing one. Not sure about the haircut though. Would definitely hand him a wrench. 🙂


  3. Um, this is not a photograph of real people, it is a CGI


  4. Stunning, tan line and all.


  5. “Hold still, while I tighten the nuts”! 🤣


  6. I agree it is slightly distracting. The kilt looks a bit flimsy too – one tug and it might fly off ! LOL



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