Caption this photo

This photo is a bit more risque than my typical post but I thought it was hilarious when I saw it posted by OldMasc on Twitter. Hopefully the caption I’ve shared below inspires you to offer up one or two of your own. Leave a funny caption in the comment section, and I’ll approve it for readers to enjoy.

“You pick up the soap.”

11 responses to “Caption this photo

  1. OH MY GOD! the exciting shower scene…


  2. No, you drop the wash cloth first, then me then…


  3. Could you introduce me to the one in the middle of these two guys?


  4. Drapes? Carpet? What are you talking about?


  5. Shakespeare said it best: “When shall we three meet again?”


  6. Well of course my towel is bigger than yours! Duh!


  7. “There’s Company”… the 1960’s
    featuring Jack, Chris and Juan!

    PS… don’t knock on their door,
    their in the shower! 🤣


  8. “Best two outa three, winner gets to pick up the soap.”


  9. No you pick up the soap!


  10. I think we can squeeze one more person in.


  11. Your Royal Highness

    Eenie meenie minee mos



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