Vintage gay

I really love this photo of a dapper gay couple from the 1920s. While I don’t know who they are, the photo is included in a 2019 article posted by the History Channel called, “How Gay Culture Blossomed During the Roaring Twenties” I highly recommend you check out the article if you’re a fan of this weekly post and gay culture / history in general. It is an easy 5-10 minute read full of information including how (and where) drag started and how for a brief window in time gay men and women had a degree of freedom in a few major cities before the start of the Great Depression and WWII.

I dedicate this weekly post, featuring vintage gay photographs, to the men and women who lived in a more critical time where being true to yourself and loving who you want wasn’t always an option and came at a great price. Do you have a photo you would like to share? Email me at

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2 responses to “Vintage gay

  1. It’s not him, but the gent sitting looks like Michael Rennie, & the fellow smoking has Leo DiCaprio’s eyes.


  2. Thanks for the link. 1920s is the era of Medicine For The Blues trilogy.



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