Men in kilts

I can’t help but wonder why the guy on the left appears to have a knife tucked into his right sock. Seems like an odd accessory for your wedding day.

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6 responses to “Men in kilts

  1. Is that a knife in your sock, or are you happy to see me?


  2. Sgian-dubh, pronounced skeen -doo


  3. It’s called a sgian-dubh and it is indeed worn in the sock as part of the traditional Highland kilt.


  4. The knife in his sock is a sgian-dubh, which traditionally is worn along with a kilt. For details, see


  5. That’s a sgian-dubh, traditionally worn along with a kilt. See


  6. Not a Scot, but I know them

    It’s a sgian-dubh, part of the traditional Scottish costume, worn with a kilt.



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