Caption this photo

Hopefully the caption I’ve shared below inspires you to offer up one or two of your own. Leave a funny caption in the comment section, and I’ll approve it for readers to enjoy.

“Meet me at the bat cave, tonight”

7 responses to “Caption this photo

  1. You look great but I smell better.


  2. Ya wanna go “crusing” in the Batmobile?! Wink wink!


  3. You don’t need to make an effort… I’ll go where you tell me!!! ❤️


  4. David Rosenblatt

    i’m still wearing the same jockstrap.


  5. I promise not to tell JLo you’re my
    “Superman”, if you promise not to tell her
    I’m your “Caped Crusader”! 😍🤗

    PS… I saw Ben years ago at an open house in Bel Air… OMG, he was hot then, and like a fine wine, he has “aged” quite well! 😋😍


  6. Matt will never find out.

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  7. Ooh the things I have planned…..



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