Commonwealth Shakespeare Company presents Much Ado About Nothing

Photo from CSC website

Shakespeare on Boston Common July 20 – Aug 7

One of my favorite summer traditions in Boston is attending one of the free performances by the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company on the Boston Common. Last year I had a great time with friends watching the CSC produtionc of The Tempest and this year’s comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, is one of my favorites from The Bard – much thanks to the 1990s movie starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.

While the performances remain free, due to the popularity of these performances, advanced registration is strongly recommended for ease of arrival and priority access to seating. All shows start at 8PM with the exception of the matinee on July 30th which starts at 4PM. For more information, visit the Commonwealth Shakespeare Co. website.

About Much Ado About Nothing

The plot revolves around two couples — witty Beatrice and Benedick, who publicly proclaim their disdain for each other but fall madly in love; and naïve Hero and Claudio, who fall quickly in love only to be thwarted and then reunited (in both cases, with a bit of help from their friends). But it’s more than just a comedic romp. The play tackles serious themes too: trust and betrayal, power and privilege, gendered expectations around chastity and violence.


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