Caption this photo

Turkish oil wrestling offers photos that make traditional wrestling photos seem tame by comparison. What the heck is this guy doing? Much thanks to this tumblr account for sharing this photo.

Hopefully the caption I’ve shared below inspires you to offer up one or two of your own. Leave a funny caption in the comment section, and I’ll approve it for readers to enjoy.

“I know it’s in here somewhere”

7 responses to “Caption this photo

  1. This isn’t how the tailor at Nordstrom’s measured my inseam…


  2. “How the hell did you get leeches down there?” !


  3. “Hold still… I found my cell phone!” 🤗


  4. Kevin J. Matthews

    Checking for Hemorrhoids? 🙂


  5. Ready for the third?


  6. This is the best thing since sliced bread!


  7. I think this hold is a new version of “fist-i-cuffs.” But it usually doesn’t involve
    leather knee pants!



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