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riddle, exercise for your brainEach Friday morning I post a riddle to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain. If you are stumped, share it with a friend or colleague and see if you can figure out the answer together.

Leave your answer in the comment section. I’ll approve responses later in the day to give people a chance to respond without seeing any spoilers.

This week’s brain teaser: How many pairs of animals did Moses take with him on the ark?

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13 responses to “BosGuy brain teaser

  1. thetechnologyvault

    Wasn’t it Noah who had the ark that held animals?

    Moses had the ark of the covenant, which held the rules for people to not act like animals.


  2. Wasn’t it Noah who had the ark with the animals?

    Moses had the ark of the covenant, which told the Israelites how to not live like animals.


  3. Moses??? It was the other guy, played by John Huston.


  4. None. Noah took them on the ark, not Moses.


  5. One pair each of unclean animals and 7 each (3 pair + 1) of clean animals.


  6. None. Noah had the ark, Centuries later, Moses wandered around Sinai for 40 years until everyone who missed life in Egypt was dead before he sent Joshua off to `fit` the Battle of Jericho.


  7. None. It was Noah’s ark.


  8. moses’ ark was the ark of the covenant. he didn’t have an ark with animals.


  9. none. moses didn’t have an ark that i know of except the ark of the covenant.


  10. None. Noah had the ark.


  11. Well, actually, if you meant Noah, it depends on which story you read…. But Moses didn’t ride on the ark, unless Mrs. Burgin was a real bad Sunday School teacher.



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