Boston gay sports clubs / teams

At the start of each academic year, tens of thousands of people move to Boston for the first time.  Whether you are new to Boston or just looking for an excuse to be more active and make friends, joining one of the many LGBTQ+ sports teams and clubs can help you do both.

Some sports leagues welcome beginners while others are more competitive (most are the former – not the latter). Additionally, some of these teams / leagues are seasonal so even though this post has gone live in early Fall, not every league is in session at the moment. Look through the list of 2+ dozen sports leagues and see which one is right for you.

If you don’t see relevant or up-to-date information on the league’s / team’s Facebook page, contact me, and I can provide you the name and email of the contact for that group for you to learn more. Alternatively, another great resource is the Facebook group, B.A.G.S. (Boston Alliance of Gay Sports) – check’em out.

Apologies if I have overlooked any area gay clubs or sports leagues.  Feel free to add information for any such group in the comments section of my blog


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