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Can you feel the heat down under

I don’t know what is happening with professional tennis but if you have been watching the Australian Open this year, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. While the Australian Open continues without fans due to a national lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19 the lack of noise and commotion adds more camera time on the players. You really don’t need to be a tennis fan to be interested in the sport.

The number one seed, Novak Djokovic, looks good. His Lacoste apparel will appeal to those who like the preppy look.

What can I say about Rafael Nadal other than he is amazing?!? Despite being “ancient” by tennis standards at the age of 34 he is ranked second in the world. If he wins the Australian Open he will have 21 Grand Slam Titles to Federer’s 20 Grand Slam Titles.

Dominic Thiem is ranked number three in the world. But I’ve commented more about Dominic Thiem’s ass in 2017 and again in 2020 here than I have about his game. But don’t be decieved by his booty. He has game for days.

The Greek a.k.a. Stefanos Tsitsipas is one of my favorite players on the circuit. The 22 year old is ranked six in the world and is equally exceptional in talent and looks. I first wrote about him last fall here, The handsome Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Tennis pro

If you don’t follow tennis you may not know who Alexander Zverev is, but the 23 year old German is ranked seven in the world. He has yet to win a major but is a threat to anyone on the court.

Be still my beating heart whenever Matteo Berrettini steps on court. The 6’5″ Italian from Rome is the number ten player in the world, and I am smitten. This photo of his abs and see-through shorts, swiped from Kenneth in the 212 pretty much says it all.

Image result for grigor dimitrov shirtless + 2021

I first wrote about Grigor Dimitrov in 2011. He looks like such a baby in this photo, but the Bulgarian is an excellent hard court player. The twenty-first ranked player in the world is so easy on the eyes you might find yourself distracted by his looks but he has game.

Fabio Fognini is another talented Italian who’s fiery personality on and off the court can make him get all sort of attention. Fognini loves attention and he certainly got mine when he posed nude for Cosompolitan Magazine. Let’s see how far this 30-something player can go. I’ll be cheering for him.

The handsome Stefanos Tsitsipas

Tennis is a fun sport to play and watch, and players like the 22 year old Greek, Stefanos Tsitsipas, can make it quite distracting as well.

For those who don’t follow tennis quite as faithfully, you may not be familiar with Tsitsipas who turned pro just four years ago in 2016 and is a top 10 player in the world. Stefanos has one of the best backhands in the game, and if he remains injury-free, has the potential to dominate the game with his mental toughness, speed and size (he is 6’4″).

However, I think many of my readers may be less impresssed by my observations and may find watching tennis pleasurable because of his sportsmanship, lean build and handsome face.

Not to mention, Stefanos Tsitsipas can be incredibly graceful on the courts.

And while 27 year old Dominic Thiem may be better known for his ‘assets’ than Stefanos, there is no denying that all the sprints and training required to be one of the best tennis players in the world has filled out his lean physique in a way that will appeal to faithful readers of this blog.

Temptation Tuesday

shirtless tennis player, gay jockThe 2019 Australian Open started this week so I thought I’d share a tennis themed Temptation Tuesday this week to get everyone in the mood.

Past Temptation Tuesday Posts

This week on Instagram: kyle.edmund

TennisKyle Edmund is a 23 year old professional tennis player with a big serve and a surprisingly strong start to the 2018 tennis season. Currently ranked 49, his ranking is certain to jump after Edmund stunned everyone at the Australian Open when he beat #3 Grigor Dimitrov in the Quarter Finals.

If you enjoy tennis, you’ll like his photos of life as a player traveling to play tennis tournaments around the globe. His life is so different and seems exotic as compared to my routine.

Follow him on Instagram here,

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Congratulations to the Bryan brothers

Bryan BrothersCongratulations to the Bryan brothers on winning their 100th tennis title today; not to mention a record-tying fifth US Open doubles championship.

Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish take stand against homophobia

Athlete AllyIn light of the disgraceful way the International Olympic Committee has dealt with championing Russia’s homophobic legislation, I wanted to share this story.

American star tennis players Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish become the 1st professional men’s tennis players to align with Athlete Ally.

Andy Roddick said, “Yesterday was an incredible day for athletes everywhere. Jason Collin’s courage and leadership in coming out reminds me of how important it is for an athlete to be able to be true to him or herself.  As an Athlete Ally, I want to support every athlete to feel comfortable and confident being themselves and to make sure that all people – players and fans alike – are  welcome and included in tennis.”  More about this story here and more about Athlete Ally here.

Australian Open 2014

The Australian Open started this week.  This tennis event is one of the four majors in the sport and it will attract the world’s best players.

The ESPN network will broadcast live coverage of this event in the US. Check your local listings for exact times and channels.  Here are some of the players who may catch your eye if you tune in.

Tennis players who get my attention


US Open: Novak Djokovic


Alex Bogomolov Jr.


If their athleticism won’t entice you, perhaps Richard Gasquet’s backside will.

2013 French Open

French OpenOver this past weekend the 2013 French Open started with early round play.  I always associate this tennis tournament with the start of summer and love the clay court matches that have players running back and forth giving everything they have.   If the appeal of this sport isn’t apparent, perhaps you should take a closer look at some of the men invited to play in the tournament. There are so many handsome, articulate players that even the most shallow among you will find reasons to watch and cheer for this years players. Daniel-BrandsFor example, this handsome German, Daniel Brand, played a near flawless two sets before Rafa Nadal was able to rally to win a second set tie break and then cruise on to a first round win that was anything but typical.

The French Open is being broadcast on ESPN2 and NBC in the U.S.

Sloane Stephens

Australian OpenLong time readers of this blog know I am a tennis fanatic.  While I love the international flavor of the sport, there have been very few new Americans who look as if they could win majors like the Australian Open, which is currently being played in Melbourne.

However, that all changed last night when I watched 19 year old Sloane Stephens defeat her idol, Serena Williams. Sloane moves as quickly as Serena and matches her power.  What she lacks is experience but her quarterfinals match in Melbourne yesterday gave her plenty and hopefully that perspective will help her when plays the Women’s top seed, Victoria Azarenka in the next round.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

If you are not familiar with Stephens it may be because she’s so young and has not been a seeded player in a major until now. WTA rankings show Stephens has risen quickly, in ’09 she was ranked 802; in ’10 she was ranked 198; in ’11 she was ranked 97 and last year she was ranked 38.  With her win over Serena Williams she is now ranked 25 in the world.

Who can say what Stephens’ future will bring, but I have my eye on this soft spoken young woman with the powerful serve and killer slice return.  Her poise while playing Serena Williams is admirable and more than one would expect from a 19-year old.  I’ll be cheering from my couch when she plays her next match and watching her all year long. Trust me – you’ll love her game.

Suddenly it makes sense

handsome tennis playerThe 2012 French Open concludes this weekend so I thought I’d share a photo of Juan Monaco, a handsome Argentine tennis player who lost earlier this week to Rafa Nadal.

Perhaps this image of Juan Monaco will help you suddenly develop an appreciation for the sport of tennis.

Australian Open

More seeds fell in the second round of the 2012 Australian Open. Not only did the US lose their highest ranking seed, Mardy Fish, but perhaps the most famous American male tennis player still active, Andy Roddick, had to retire in the third set of the second round.  I won’t list all the seeds that dropped but here are a few men who won’t be gracing ESPN 2 in later rounds of the tournament.

Mardy Fish from USA – Ranked 8

Nicolas Almagro from Spain – Ranked 10

Andy Roddick from USA – Ranked 15

Alex Bogomolov from Russia – Ranked 32

Australian Open

Long time readers know that I’m a huge tennis fan. I’m so excited that the 2012 Australian Open has finally started.  This is the first of the four Grand Slam tennis events.  Even though the first round play in Melbourne is not quite finished there have been a few upsets with a handful of seeded players.

Say goodbye to the following.

Fernando Verdasco from Spain – ATP ranking #24

Juan Monaco from Argentina – ATP ranking #27

 Ivan Ljubicic from Croatia – ATP ranking #30

As you can see, you need not know much about tennis to enjoy watching.